Timestalker / Western Edge Pictures / Gennaker / BFI

2022 - Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi Rom-Com
Written and Directed by Alice Lowe
International Sales: HanWay Films
Status: SXSW Film Festival 2024

Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge) stars in the film alongside Jacob Anderson (Game Of Thrones), Aneurin Barnard (David Copperfield), Tanya Reynolds (Sex Education), and Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz).

Timestalker is a karmic journey that sees the hapless heroine Agnes reincarnated every time she makes the same mistake: falling in love with the wrong man. The film is a thrilling tale of misplaced affection, unrequited lust and revenge. One story, many periods – each one filled with the messy thrills and spills that come with daring to following your heart. Or maybe your loins...

The film promises to be a hilarious, violent tale that encapsulates the female romantic predicament in multiple eras.

Timestalker is in co-production with Popcorn Group, and funded by the BFI (awarding National Lottery funding), Head Gear Films, Popcorn Group and Ffilm Cymru Wales with funding from the National Lottery and Welsh Government via Creative Wales.

“This is such a magical project that has come together at the perfect time with the perfect cast and crew. It’s a time-traveling journey we’re all on together, and it feels extraordinary” - Alice Lowe