Pobol Y Cwm Promo / Dir: Bethan Tame

Lesbian. / Random Acts / Dir: Rosemary Baker

Reelout Queer Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection
European Short Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection
Independent Shorts Awards 2020 - Platinum Award Winner
Lesflicks Xmas Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection
FUSE Festival 2020 - Official Selection
London Super Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection

Judith / Dir: Grant Gee

Captain Beany / Random Acts / Dir: Sophie Perrins

Merched Parchus / Respectable Girls / Series 1 – episodes 1-8

Susan Wokoma’s Comedy Short / Sky Shorts / Dir: Jennifer Sheridan

Euros Childs

Narrow light


Yellow & Blue


8 – a film & live soundtrack

Tribeca Film Festival

35MM Film Test @ Panavision

Prep @ Video Europe

Annes Elwy


Gruff Rhys & Muzi

Raleigh Ritchie

Good Posture BTS

Legends Of Country

Gwyn & Twm

White Noise Sound

Pretty Vicious

Grimm Tales

Dolly & Tom

Maurice Cannon, The Drifters


Harry Gabriel, Shaftesbury Theatre


Farmers eating Ice Cream